Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wheels Through Time, New Photo Updates

About twice a year we will roll over to the Wheels Through Time museum in Maggie Valley and just gawk at the history and amazing bikes in their building. Every time I go through I try to find a new angle on the photos and see something new to shoot. As many times as I have been its getting harder, but luckily a plethora of their bikes change out and they are continually adding new pieces to their evolving collection.

Check out the Wheels Through Time museum

Old Picture cut out on the wall with Illinois License plate from 1930
Original Excelsior Motorcycle from Chicago, late 1918 or early 1920's
Superior Spark Plugs
Knucklehead and Panhead on the workbench at the Wheels Through Time museum
Harley Davidson pedal start single BA style engine from the mid 1920's
Vintage dirt track racing, photo of a photo
Indian split tank Chief dash
Indian Motorcycles gas tank