Friday, June 15, 2012

Winston Smith's Punk Rock Satire

Collage can be an extremely powerful medium when it comes to conveying a multitude of messages. Old ads representing a distinct moment of time,juxtaposed with a thought provoking message can create an interesting form of satire. 

In this particular case you might not know his name but chances are that you have seen his work. Winston Smith has been quite the prolific designer when it comes to iconic imagery and one of those individuals that is a keen observer of pop culture. Have a listen to what makes him tick and check out more of his work.

Winston Smith collage - Idol
The Mona Lisa as a punk rocker by Winston Smith
Dead Kennedys logo created by Winston Smith
Green Day's, Insomniac collage illustration created by Winston Smith
Tijunana album cover of Contra Revolucion Avenue by Winston Smith