Sunday, June 3, 2012

Flat Tires And Talisker, With A Marachisno Cherry

Any civilized individual should have cultivated some taste buds at a certain point. We don't want to hear about your horse shit hipsterism's either, concerning PBR, as cheap beer just ain't applicable to this conversation for our concerns. What we are alluding to is having a smooth drink that could go well with the music you might be listening to. The world problem of correct drink choice has been answered and was born. Slide on over there and pop in a band and see what drink of choice might be best. Some choices will be dead on, but we did have to question the rationale behind the suggestion of a Bud Light served cold with an umbrella, while listening to Merle Haggard. Bud light no problem, but an umbrella in the beer bottle, now that is just plain wrong.
Drinkify gave us a new angle on enjoyin' some Talisker with our Juke Joint Rock N' Rollers in the Flat Tires
Drinkify suggests we drink to Merle Haggard with a Bud Light and umbrella, WTF?
Down was dead on the money with some smooth sippin' Southern Comfort suggest by Drinkify