Monday, September 10, 2012

Antiseen Destroys Black Eyed Susie With Joe Buck Yourself

Bands come and go like the fast food chain menus. Every six months or so there is a new burger on the menu that claims to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Now that anyone can start a band and look big, because of this here thaang called the internet, the game has changed and then some.

I was once told by an older punk dude that if you can last ten years in the underground music scene, then you have made your name. Not to say that folks will buy your every last album and pack clubs like a sardine can, but you are working to establish some solid street cred and it only happens through a solid work ethic and longevity. Poseurs will come and go, but those with true staying power fight through the noise and leave an indelible mark. Antiseen is that band for which blood has always been shed and upcoming on their 30 year annivesary, prove they are the kings of Destructo Punk.

Below is some quality sound and photos taken at the recent Muddy Roots show in Cookeville, TN with the one and only Joe Buck.

Antiseen 7" vinyl record - Sweet Blood Call, Featuring Joe Buck Yourself on Black Eyed Susie

Joe Buck Yourself rockin' the hell out with Antiseen for Black Eyed Susie at Muddy Roots
Antiseen adds fire and explosions to end their set at Muddy Roots 2012
Jeff Clayton whipping the crowd into a frenzy at Muddy Roots 2012
John is slammin' those bass lines down to keep the rhythm in motion
Phil is large and in charge on the drums keeping the back beat rollin'