Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kraus Motor Company And Their Dynamoto

Every bike that I have seen come out of Kraus has been damn amazing within the details and the over design scheme. The level of detail that pervades their projects helps to set them apart from the rest of the pack with the restraint and mechanical viewpoint. The bikes feel as if they are purpose built but have a solid style in their presence. Can't get enough of their Dynamoto.

"Dynamoto was once a ugly, heavy, 1999 Harley Dyna. First thing to go was the front end which was replaced with a inverted sport bike model running big radial brakes. A set of aluminum spoke wheels and some oversize Ohlins shocks on the rear. The only frame modification was cutting short the rear fender struts and removing the oversize square box on the side of the bike that held all the electrical. We made aluminum belly panels to thin out the look of the center of the bike under the seat and an aluminum tail section to give a bit of a dirt bike feel. Dynamoto is a road eating machine, it can handle anything you throw at it."

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Kraus Motor Company's - Dynamoto

Simplified dash with aftermarket gauge

Clean lines from the smooth aluminum belly pan to house the electronics
Wrapped two into one pipe for added horsepower
Riding the salt in Bonneville with Kraus Motor Company's - Dynamoto
Left side view of the Dynamoto