Monday, September 10, 2012

Looking For A Clean Panhead - Shovelhead?

Been eyeing up some ideas for a winter project but want to start with something that is already running? Starting a project without too much of a complete tear down is always a good thing. Sometimes finding a good starter kit can be a huge saver of time and then when you need to really dive in. Or maybe you want to buy a bike that is already built and ready to roll, well then, your chariot awaits.

"Bike started as a basket of parts purchased off craiglist. Two years of work this is the finished product. I have about 5,000 miles on the bike, but now its time for her to go. Motor and tranny were built by "painter Joe" in Palmdale. All original H-D parts through out. Andrews gears in tranny and mild street cam in motor. Bike is a strong runner and fires on the first or second kick. H-D front end, gas tank, oil tank & rear wheel and brake. Bike is 100% legit as shown and advertised!"

1949 Harley Davidson Panhead Shovelhead, ready to roll

1949 Harley Davidson Panhead Shovelhead