Sunday, September 23, 2012

Are We Just Suckers For A Beautiful Woman On A Motorcycle?

Are we all just suckers for a checking out a beautiful woman on a motorcycle? Yep, we probably are, but the hell with it. As long as ya don't buy into the hype of these fashion houses trying to sell their version of the counter culture, they maybe it can slide.

We totally understand that the fashionistas will hop on every trend band wagon, along with all the poseur hipsters, when it comes to underground culture. But this is all cyclical and they will mosey on as fast as they rolled into town and life will continue to move forward as it always will.

With those opening words and a justification of our posting fashionta photos, please forgive us for staring at such beautiful women. We just can't help ourselves and our Martian ways.

Moschino advertising with gorgeous lady on a Captain America inspired Panhead
Ralph Lauren has a lady by a Triumph
Super model Gisele Bundchen always looks amazing
Chanel even went so far as to have a custom bike built
Gorgous lady on a Triumph
Keira Knightley on a Ducati 750

Gisele Bundchen on a Mad Max inspired bike ready for the apocalypse
Keira Knightley in an ad for Chanel
Sexy lady on a older Honda