Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Trophy Skulls And Headhunting For Animist Idenity

Skulls are an omnipresent realization of death and the unknown. They are stenciled into skin, painted onto canvas, sculpted from stone and in the images below, they have been claimed as trophies of war. To the Dayaks of Borneo, who are animists and believe that anything which is living, is endowed with a spirit. To kill thine enemy and cut off their head, entitles you their attributes as they believed the soul was contained within the skull. 

Modern science has many beliefs on where a soul resides and for pertinent information check out a great show on the Science Channel hosted by Morgan Freeman called Through The Wormhole. They go into great detail about all things relating to the brain and our perception of reality. Just be glad that being headhunted in our western society, has a far different meaning and usually relates to advancing in a career. 

As far forward as we have come, the skulls below are still highly collectible. We as humans, have advanced in technology and in the science of understanding the world around us. Personally, I am curious on the notion if society were to crumble, how long would it be, before traditional headhunting would begin again in western culture? Or has it already?

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Dayak Skull from Borneo as a war trophy
War trophy skull from Indonesia with intricate carvings
Human trophy skull with other smaller skulls
Ifugao human trpophy skull from Borneo
Human trophy skull on pedestal

Human trophy skull with small beast on top
Human trophy skull with intricate carvings
Trophy skull with shells for eyes and added horns as jewelry elements
Human trophy skull with feathers and what looks to be a ceremonial head piece