Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Flat Tracker V-Rod Built For Speed And Style

Spotting a custom V-Rod might be a bit easier than finding Bigfoot, but in all reality, ya just don't see that many of them. This is especially true for the ones that are highly customized. Jason Wonder of Wonder Customs has gone above and beyond to create a unique bike with style and machismo. This ground and pound style is a hybrid mix of street fighter, cafe racer and flat tracker. With his design restraint and clean lines he made a V-Rod that is uncluttered and loses that chunky feeling that many tend to have. Fantastic looking bike and damn does it look fun to ride.

V-Rod custom built by Jason Wonder of Wonder Customs
At the age of 24, Jason Wonder is the creator of this truly amazing and beautiful Wonder Custom V-Rod…and he has only four years experience in building customs…

Jason started riding at the age of 8, and was introduced to this world by his father – pro flat track racer. That is where he draws all the inspiration, to create very unique and very rideable motorcycles. “I’m fascinated with Shinya Kimura’s work,” Jason says. “I love the raw and mechanical way he builds each bike.”

This V-Rod custom looks to be a track demon
What you see here is Jason’s second V-Rod build. Jason loves the Revolution engine from Harley, and those “other” engines, as you can sense with his choice of custom build Buells. The idea behind this bike it is to make rideable, almost track ready machine for 2009 AMD World Championship show in Sturgis, and the whole buildup took only 8 weeks!

Custom built frame with a rake of 28 degrees gives this bike almost sports-bike looks. This V-Rod features a full Brembo setup which make it easy and confidence-inspiring to ride. Rear set foot controls not only house the rear brake, but also a shift levers, so they add to the bikes flat track feel.

Wonder Customs V-Rod
 Jason molded the brake light, turn signals and license mount, and put them all under the tail to give it minimal looks. There is also custom made gas tank which have been slimmed down together with the seat. Jason molded the brake light - turn signals into the underside of the tail where there’s also a mount for the license plate. The seat/tank/semi-fender is a removable one piece which only weighs 12 pounds! Whole bike target was 350pounds or less! To finish it off, Jason did custom wire harness and put traditional Wonder Customs racer controls with a set of Vortex clip-on handlebars.

In the power department, there were some minor changes. Jason built new polished intake and breather, to supply more air to engine. There is also custom fuel pump and 2 in 2 custom exhaust with SuperTrapp disc only mufflers.

This V-Rod by Wonder Customs has the perfect stance and looks to be a damn great city bike
 Jason also added “I wanted a bike that would showcase something different and I could ride the hell out of it. I built it, took it to the AMD show in Sturgis and then took it to the track. I dig that. I have some new old-school designs that I have started working on so I am excited about that. I love what I do and hope to be able to continue doing it. Building one-off creations that are truly unique, are rideable, and are performance driven is what I’m about.”

Track days on a V-Rod