Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rory Kelly Feature Interview In Popular 1 Rock Mag, From Spain

In a few weeks Rory Kelly will be embarking on a tour around Spain. As the tour is about to start, more and more press is coming in from overseas. Here is a quick interview that was done with Popular 1 Rock Mag.

Rory Kelly feature interview in Popular 1 Rock Mag, from Spain

Now in its second work, "(Do not Shake) My Family Tree "which explores essentially the sound heir of the Daredevils, but much more melodic and refined, with Blues over this base. But do not panic, energy is still there, his past (and his father!) as follows fierce metalhead revealing.

In October, Rory Kelly will be in our country to answer questions and make new friends.

To the speaking, Rory. I guess you're satisfied with this new album.

"Sure, I feel great about it. It was all smooth as silk, and is having a great response from whoever heard it. There is plenty of energy in it. We made a good marriage of old and new recording techniques. We recorded the rhythm backing tracks live and then use pro-tools to make the mixtures. But we got to capture the energy and rawness. In addition, the title is reference to the family. Guess that some people do not know that my father is the drummer of the band, so we are a group oriented the family (laughs). We had some incident with some people in the past, so the title simply works out (laughs). We were working on that topic in the study and it fit like a glove ".

It seems that this is more for you a party than a job, but you certainly take it seriously ....

"Well, as a worker I am music, I enjoy being on the road, but also I feel the same love for the study. Making music is like a big party in my life, and even if not out on tour, find some way of making music. One way or another, it's great to do music and bring people together in around the world. "

In your music we can find a large conglomerate of sounds, what can you tell me about your influences?

"I like a lot of things, I do not know if it can be considered influences. It would be too hard to name them all, but there are a few names: Johnny Winter, Dimebag, Slash, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Rolling Stones, my father, Scotty P., Billy Velvet ... My tastes are varied. Simply I love music. From the Blues to Heavy Metal, and everything in between. "

This is your second album, can you like the first album or have your view of things changed in this time?

"Yes, absolutely. In our first album, we had fired the bassist and I ended up rerecording all tracks myself. But when Billy Miller joined us, it totally changed our way of doing the recording. We had the feeling there was no way to get bears with the above. "

Can you tell me briefly how did the Triple Threat come about?

"Well, he went out immediately after Crank County decided to stop touring. Wanted to keep busy and keep writing music. So we started doing concerts by our surroundings and people liked how we sounded. So with the help of my dad, we went and recorded material in a demo. My father proved to be the perfect battery for what our sound needed. He was a drummer in Metal in the 80's and 90's, played in a group called Bomb Squad. They were an original band from the Old Bridge Militia. I grew up with bands as Overkill and Metallica ... All They were friends of my father and used to gather to party or make jams, mid- eighties. But now that both we are a little older we've gotten really into Southern rock, grimy and sleazy. Then Billy came and it went to another level. He brings a lot energy on stage and his performances are killer. He plays bass like an animal and thats when we are together on stage, we are fucking powerful ".

Rory Kelly, Mike Kelly and Billy Miller jamming in the studio
Obviously you have not invented anything, but you sound totally current ...

"That's right. I'm very into metallic guitar tones in the modern production, but when I listen to an album by Johnny Cash I'm envious because I wish the world would continue as in 1950, when bands came and played the best they could. So I try get some of each style in our albums. "

What do the following genres for you? Heavy Metal, by example.

"It makes me study guitar with detail. You have to claim it. Heavy Metal has some of the best musicians in the world. "


"Dark, full of soul. Change mood of the people and makes the people feel things. "

Classic Rock.

"It is the true origin of what is the current music. These guys and girls set the scales for musicians. 'Highway Star 'by Deep Purple has still one of the heaviest guitar riffs in history. Beats most of the things that are done today. "

Southern Rock.

"I also love that style. It's our home version of Rock and Roll. Is Blues and Rock, but with somewhat less speed. The battery goes with a rate that sounds like real swampy music".

I read somewhere that you were a great Thrash Metal fan ...

"Yes, I love those rhythms so fast Battery and accuracy of the guitars. Alex Scholnik of Testament is a brilliant guitarist. "

What do you search for yourself as a guitarist?

"Sentiment and energy. I am interested in doing the same licks night after night ... I like the feeling, find the groove together and to see what happens. "

Who are your favorite guitarists?

"Johnny Winter, Dimebag, Marty Friedman, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Hendrix, Warren Haynes, Alex Scholnik and Gary Moore, only to name a few. It's a long list. "

And as a singer?

"I really like the singers melodic. I do not like grunts or screams. I love people like Chris Cornell, Layne Staley, Johnny Cash, even James Hetfield because even being a metal vocalist, he can sing. As before, the list is long ".

Crank County Daredevils ... How do you remember that stage?

"It was one of the highlights of my musical career. Learned plenty from Scotty and Billy. I still enjoy hanging out with them from time to time and jam".

What is the difference between playing with them and Triple Threat?

"There really is not too much, except for music. Everyone is professional in Triple Threat and Crank County, so working with them is and was a pleasure. "

Any plans?

"Right now we are working on a single. We are doing a song of Uriah Heep, 'Stealing'. Soon we will run one video of the same subject and really hopefully it will help us be put us on the map. We will continue with the tour, we've done over 70 shows in 2012. And we still have to go to Spain! We are constantly spinning ".

We'll see you here in October, What can we expect from your concerts?

"A lot of energy and loud Rock and Roll. Let's cause a big bang and hope people in Spain join in the fun with us. Also, I'm working to learn Spanish, so stay attentive to the microphone because I will try my best to speak Spanish. "

We look forward to it. Anything else you want to say to your fans in Spain?

(In perfect Castilian) "I hope to see fans of Rock and Roll out and have fun with us! We can not wait to come to Spain and play music in your beautiful country! See you in October. "

Rory Kelly feature interview in Spanish Rock Magazine - Popular 1