Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Do Geeks Have True Sex Appeal?

Looking for a great place to find sexy women? Did you ever think you would find them at a comic convention? There is a treasure trove of sexy women waiting to have their photos taken and will happily oblige to pose for the camera. Just let the pictures do the talking and get out to comicon's in your area. Thank you Stan Lee for helping to create a Marvelous Universe!

Gorgeous blonde just waiting to say hello in her sexy costume

Harley Quinn is waiting for you in real life

Looking for the real Two Face in female form?

Lara Croft styling is always a huge appeal

Wouldn't you like to meet your new favorite Assassin?

Keep your eyes peeled for all the sexy decor

Seeking vigilante justice or a co-conspirator in crime fighting?

Ever heard of Captina America

The Hunger Games doesn't stand a chance with this District Vixen

This Freddy Krueger acolyte is a welcome nightmare

Cat Woman and Poison Ivy are a lethal combo

Ready to blast off with this Rocketeer?

Where would our imaginations be without Wonder Woman?