Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Frankenstein Created Bikers, An Upcoming Grindhouse Movie, By The Creators of Dear God No

There haven't been too many exploitation films that give a surefire nod to the biker classics of the 60's and up the ante on the genre king Russ Meyer, but damn if the fellas at Big World Pictures aren't at home plate swingin' for the bleachers. The grindhouse genre of exploitation will always be an underground place to mine for ideas, as it deals with recluses, vagrants, and characters whose grit can be explained easier by the coarseness of sandpaper compared to their depth of their actions. It's in the fringe element of these worlds, which captivates mainstream society and television networks have made billions off of the true watered down stories.

Scene from "Dear Go No" - grindhouse exploitation cinema
Baltimore continues on in its "Charm City" approach thanks to the likes of The Wire. Bike clubs are now being seen by the squares, who watch Sons of Anarchy, as all being gun running murder zealots. If you have a last name that ends in a vowel and have a Jersey or New York accent immediately some might think you are connected and know of a family such as the Soprano's

Stereotypes mixed with geographic locations help to drive these these tales of woe and films will forever be made dealing with the rougher side of the tracks. What we ask though is this. Are we blood thirsty as a whole? 

"Shot on film, Dear God No has the greasy feel of the great drive-in exploitation films of the 70s. It includes everything that made these scummy opuses so great, upping the cheap thrills ante to include more blood, more b**bs and more bizarreness than a daisy chain of Herschell Gordon Lewis, Dave Friedman and Andy Milligan could ever dream of. But Dear God No is hardly an artsy homage to 70s exploitation. It's the real thing, more extreme, more twisted, sicker, funnier and crazier than nearly anything that's ever b!tch-slapped the silver screen before. Unlike a lot of 70s grindhouse fare, though, Dear God No never has time to be boring or get stale. Long biker montage scenes are creatively shot so they never devolve into the kind of tired filler that Corman biker epics were known for. A seemingly endless scene with topless dancers in Nixon masks is still too short for my money. The characters are so sleazily charismatic that you never get tired of any of them, and deliver some of the most politically incorrect dialogue you'll ever hear. And the girls are all gorgeous, so what do you want from life? Dear God No is the farthest thing from slick modern "horror" films you'll find. It's a PBR-soaked, sweat-stained experience that makes special effects spectaculars like Saw seem like an episode of Mr. Bean. Viewing it would feel like a violation if you weren't having so much fun. So take a road trip with the Impalers! Burn down the drive-in. Drink a mat shot. And shake hands with Bigfoot. It's more fun than a Hell's Angel initiation ceremony, and ten times as bloody." - Doctor LongGhost, Amazon.com Review

Dear God No, film poster shot on 16mm film to help authenticate the vintage look
Dear God No, film poster for the grindhouse exploitation cinema drama

Dear God No, official cover art poster
Dear God No, grindhouse exploitation film advertising
Frankenstein Created Bikers, by Big World Pictures