Monday, September 17, 2012

Machine Shed - Motorcycles Built For Riding In Australia

Creativity and soul are what we ultimately want to instill within all the things we work on. Intimate knowledge of how older machinery works and operates is a dying art. Many are quick to toss out things and buy new, but where does that knowledge go? Are our craftsman and shade tree mechanics drying up?

NASA is currently flummoxed by a similar problem as many of their engineers are getting older and only a small portion of their work force is below 35. Space, as the final frontier, is not being viewed in the way it was in the 1950's or 60's as the field has started to slow within innovation. Lockheed Martin is seeking new projects to keep the younger talent intrigued and to keep them in the work force.

Future technologies will help to shape how mechanical engineering evolves, but the best part is that most of what you need, is an analytical mind. To recharge the batteries though, forget about future technologies, for a bit. Go find something with a good bit of dust on it, which was built to last. Tear it apart and rebuild it anew for the sake of understanding a metal puzzle. Within those rusty bolts and gears, that need some fresh oil, is lesson 101 in mechanical engineering. Don't worry about it being perfect, just make it work again. Once that has been achieved, get back to the drawing board and do it up right.

Link to Machine Shop to view more builds as they fully understand the concept

Watch short film on Vimeo

Director - Mat Harrington -
Editor - Ceinwen Berry
DOP - David Rusanow & Paul Mason
Music - Surya Bajracharya & Karuna Bajracharya
Post - Definition Films - David Gross
VFX - Bryn Farrelly
Colourist - Trish Cahill
Sound - by Huzzah - Andrew Plain -
Additional Music - Cameron Bruce
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Special Thanks: Sophie Lee, Cameron Wintour, Damien Drew, Cath Muscat & Patches.

MACHINE moto guzzi mark 1 le mans from matt machine on Vimeo.