Friday, September 21, 2012

Rory Kelly Feature Review In Staf Magazine

Rory Kelly, Feature album review in Staf Magazine
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"Although the debut of this trio of North Carolina came to name Rory Kelly's Triple Threat, now have been only the name of its leader, guitarist and singer. And that the battery we have a veteran like Mike Kelly. Yes, you are correct, his father. Theirs is pure swamp blues-rock and if you get too close you can even bite a crocodile in the swamps of Louisiana. Its current approaches the sound swampy southern rock but that can not prevent certain details or sleazy rock metalheads. In fact Rory was in the scorching Crack County Daredevils. The past year was the most prominent in the South By Spouthwest of Austin, Texas and with a complete sound strange. Sometimes the pace is pure metal. Low is the case in which more raw sound like ZZ Top crossed with heavy blues experiments of Led Zeppelin. The title track (Do not Shake My) Family Tree is also pure cane and southern r'n'r accelerated. We also have some surprises as in Searchin For An Angel with his slow and spectral sound and voice hoarse with Rory makes me remember the last of the Mark Lanegan Band.Sure you live the potion is even more tasty and dangerous!"