Friday, February 1, 2013

Brand New Hellbound Glory Tshirt For Rebel Soul Tour

On February 2nd, Hellbound Glory will play their first gig on the Rebel Soul tour with Kid Rock and Buckcherry. Today is Kansas City there are gig rehearsals, sound checks and show preparation for the tour. Have a look at the new and re-purposed art to be seen as a tour exclusive and only available on this tour. 

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Merica shirts printed on Bayside tshirts, made in the good ol' USA
Detail on the Merica tour exclusive shirt
Tshirts are ready for mass production at Aardvark Screenprint
Screen burned for the off the white Merica color to be printed
Merica off white print on the Royal blue tshirts for the Rebel Soul Tour
We proudly align all of our screen print projects with Aardvark Screenprint