Saturday, February 23, 2013

The One Motorcycle Show And One Awesome Sportster Powered Motard

The One Motorcycle Show looks to have been a damn cool event, from the photos posted up on Iron & Air Magazine. One of the better aspects that we noticed from the photos was the variety of bikes that were present. Instead of just focusing on one group of bikes, there were a plethora of customs and vintage machines to make any two wheeled fiend start to salivate. 

If you need to roll your tongue back up and have a keep sake to remember the event, why not dive over to Kickstarter and check out the cool books that are being cooked up.

Tight and narrow choppers are always a good choice
Motard or a tricked out sporty?  Who cares, that bike is stout and on point as the perfect city bike
Very cool front end set up with individual shocks that have been used to create a new style of front end
Is that one of the Icon builds?

Race ready vintage iron
Selection of sweet rides at the One Motorcycle Show in Portland, OR
Super clean cafe style bike
Another shot of the Motard Custom Sportster