Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jay Berndt & The Orphans Are Deep Into Recording

So you think all has been quiet on the front lines with Jay Berndt? Well, ya couldn't be more wrong. Not only does Jay have a great band that he is working with but they are deep into recording sessions for their next full length and a special new 7" coming out in mid summer. Check out the write up below from Jay Berndt's latest email blast.

"At long last... We're recording a follow-up to 2009's Sad Bastard Songs!! We have 12 songs we'll be recording for a full-length album release on Rusty Knuckles Records. And we have resurrected an old Revival Preachers song for release on a split 7" with JB Beverley (also on RK Records). We're looking to release the 7" sometime in June 2013 and the currently unnamed full-length album in July 2013. Release shows to follow...

One of biggest surprises is special guest Curt Ramm who is the leader of The E-Street Horn Section. Curt and saxophone master Bill Holloman will be tracking horn parts to three of our songs before Curt heads back out on a world tour with the Boss!! No shit man... I wouldn't make this up!! Needless to say... We're pretty damn excited!!

We're on Day Three of the sessions and have been having a great time. The tracks are sounding killer! We're also taking some Instagram photos as we go. We'll be taking some real studio photos as the sessions progress. We'll also be shooting and posting videos from the sessions as well. So stay tuned!!" 

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Orphans Recording - Day 5: Ara tracking bass.
Orphans Recording - Day 5: Smilin' Dibbs engineering

Orphans Recording - Day 5: Lopes tracking drums
Orphans Recording - Day 5: Jay Berndt tracking guitar.