Monday, February 11, 2013

Does Sonny Barger, Of The Hells Angels Approve Hipster Indie Bands Using His Image?

How many times do you see imagery being reinterpreted by folks who haven't a clue about what they are posting? Maybe it is to dramatic effect and that is the point, but sometimes ya just have to question exactly what is going on. When did hipster indie bands try to relate to Hells Angels and an iconic photo of Sonny Barger for use on their split 7"? If this were punk or hardcore bands, it might work and be acceptable. The music of these bands doesn't jive with this 60's counter culture photo or the imagery for that matter. Do something original and create your own vibe.

Hipsters love to use imagery they haven't a clue about.
Indie hipsters the Love Language
Indie Hipsters, Spider Bags
Get your own tattoos, damn hipsters copy everything. Guessing the image was found online.
Great book by Sonny Barger of the Hells Angels