Monday, February 25, 2013

Reno Divorce Reviewed By Smash Magazine

This is a rough translation below from German, which isn't exactly our every day speaking tongue so bare with us. There are a lot of great comments though, once again proving that music needs very little translation. Reno Divorce is the band that will be breaking through to big stages in 2013.

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"Reno Divorce from Denver, Colorado to bring the punk not necessarily with new sounds, but create quite a spectacular panorama with "Lover's Leap". Imagine about a mix of punk lebensbejahendem brand Blink 182, which has a relationship with the street coolness of Social Distortion is received. This is in most places pretty earthy smells of sweat, but always the right amount of pop on board. This is the title song is a wallowing matter that is also not too far from the nostalgic storytelling of Bruce Springsteen. The songs of "Lover's Leap" unite the urgency of punk rock with the narrative tradition of folk and Americana that is truly an original American version of this genre. Reno Divorce created so although nothing genuinely new or Independent, they plow through it but still fertile field. So "Sunsets" also acts more like a holding in sepia tones road movie, stylish, presented without undue haste, a song that succeeds so only a band that sits firmly in the saddle. And even such a mood number like "Time Flies When You're Having Fun" is somehow put forward leaning back, so Reno Divorce act like the adult brothers of Orange County punk scene. In the song manifests a soul quiet confidence that the individual pieces gives a solid foundation unagitated. So then does a very grown so coming saxophone in "Make Sure You're Sure" not like a foreign body, but as a welcome addition to the soundscape. What this album certainly lacks is a revolutionary component of punk music, this is not a society turned upside down. One can even state that this music is a little convenient, not the last of energy from the pieces brings out but this is what is somehow pleasing. Here the big boys, juvenile bustle and excitement must stay outside. Reno Divorce go quite so well protected on the middle of the road, and in this case must not be criticized, because the artistic execution was carried convincingly and authentically."

Reno Divorce review of Lover's Leap on out of Germany