Thursday, February 7, 2013

The One Motorcycle Show, Portland Oregon

Heading to Portland, OR tomorrow night? Maybe you ought to think on a quick trip out there with the likes of the show that is going down. Looks to be a damn great event. Another cool aspect they are putting together are a series of books to commemorate the shows, check out their kickstarter project.

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"The One Motorcycle Show was born from the idea that every bike was built, restored, or preserved for a reason. The One Motorcycle Show is not about rules or pre-conceived notions because their is no right or wrong way to build a bike. It’s about motorcycles with a purpose and a story. It’s the opportunity to get rare, weird, old, new, and all around amazing bikes together in one spot. It’s one-off concepts, and pristine-better- than-showroom classics. It’s the old and new generations getting together to celebrate the One motorcycle. We’re a community on the search for the ultimate truth of mechanism and it’s essential one-ness.

Year Four: we have come a long way since the first show. This will be the 4th year of the One Motorcycle Show. Each year the show has doubled in size and attendance. We are proud to say that the show has always been for motorcyclists, by motorcyclists. We believe the only way this will keep going is from the hard work of all the people who are involved, and this is the main reason it will always remain FREE to exhibit and to attend."

The One Motorcycle Show, Portland Oregon