Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wrench N' Roll Radio Live At The Berkeley Cafe, Raleigh

Not sure if yall have heard about the new radio show that we are affiliated with, Wrench N' Roll radio. If not, there is no one to blame except yourself for not being completely clued in to all that is Rusty Knuckles. We move like the wind and change course at will. 

The head honcho over at the radio show is Nick Manic and his cohorts that never fail to deliver an entertaining live broadcast. The show airs weekly on Thursday nights for roughly a two hour time slot then is available as a podcast for downloads. Damn stoked on how the show is growing in listeners and once we finish our huge new website overhaul it will become available as a showcase feed within our site also. 

Another aspect to look out for are the live broadcasts where Wrench N' Roll Radio invades shows for live broadcasts. Look out for them this weekend in Raleigh, NC at the Berkeley Cafe and then on March 1st at our new event series we are doing in Fayetteville, NC.

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Wrench N' Roll Radio live at the Berkeley Cafe In Raleigh, NC
Barb Wire Dolls Live Remote! Raleigh, NC - February 2013

Be sure to come out on February 17th and check out our first live remote with the Barb Wire Dolls, Yea(h), and Safe word! We will be giving away prizes out of the PigglyWiggly Grab-bag, as well as have the Nintendo 64 booth set up!  Tickets are $5 and the action starts at 7pm!

AND if you are a fan of the Barb Wire Dolls, and cant make it to the show, you can catch it LIVE STREAMING @ 8:00pm EST @

Wrench N' Roll Radio will be airing live at the new showcase on March 1st