Sunday, February 17, 2013

Vintage Drag Racing Cars Never Get Old

Drag racing is one of those sports that you are either into or your not. There is no such thing as toeing the water to test it out. Going to the drags can be an interesting slice of life as it could be a run what ya brung type of night or it could be a specialty event. We dig hitting up both styles of events due to the nature of the fans involved. 

If you live in eastern North Carolina the Dunn-Benson Thursday night drags will bring out more gambling and shit talkin' than most sports bars. If ya hit up Rockingham, NC you can witness top fuel, local hero's and numerous touring sponsored teams with tricked out machines and huge advertising dollars. 

There is a great variety of events on hand all over the country. Go out and check some of these races to see what is happening in your area. Maybe a few of the vintage rides will show up and do some runs.