Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Mind Of A Mad Collector Is A Terrible Thing To Taste

The mind of a mad collector is a terrible thing to taste. Or wait a minute, maybe we are just mixing up a new show name and an old Ministry album. Either way we saw this post and it got us thinking about vinyl albums and albums to which we might listen to just shortly.

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"As shown in Jack White's recent statement on his Record Store Day Ambassador position, his enthusiasm for spreading truth about vinyl knows no bounds. On Thursday, White appeared on the brand new VH1 show "For What It's Worth", discussing the "Triple Decker Record" format he invented in 2010. (The 12" has got a hidden 7" single inside; you must crack the 12" to hear the 7".)

Set at Third Man Records' Nashville headquarters, this was the debut episode of the show, which is hosted by Dell'Abate and Jon Hein (both from "The Howard Stern Show") and explores the value of memorabilia and "the mind of 'The Collector'."

Check out the full episode, and watch Jack White's 2010 clip explaining the Triple Deck format:"

For What It's Worth
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