Monday, February 25, 2013

Carolina Still Cover Painted On Tin From Old Barn

There are materials laying everywhere that should be re-purposed. We personally think you should use whatever you can find to help tell a story. In this case I painted on old tin from a barn. This particular painting is about the family farm of Justin Casey who is the lead singer, guitar and banjo player for Carolina Still. Had a lot of ideas around what to do for the album cover, but we opted to do something very Americana and Folk Art to help convey the vibe of the album. Damn stoked to see it all come together. Will be posting our process video later in the week.

Link up with Carolina Still

Carolina Still's new album artwork for The Color Of Rust
Song titles on the back panel
Full spread of the illustration on the old tin panel from a barn
Shot of the image I painted from along with the paints and brushes