Thursday, November 24, 2011

Derringer Cycles - Modern Day Boardtrackers

Nothing could be better to us than finding something new and distinct in an area that is already mined to the max. Every bike style imaginable or at least the ones with a solid past have been recreated and folks find a style they can get into, emulate or design from. It could be a bobber, cafe racer or the period correct and over hyped 70's stylized choppers that are finally starting to fade away. To us, we dig all the styles, as we are purveyors of two wheeled entertainment.

While reading one of our favorite magazines the other day, which happens to be Wired, we came across Derringer Cycles. What struck us immediately was the aggressive lines of the bike and how much fun it looks to ride. Not only could we pedal start it, but it looks damn good going down the road compared to the hornets nest of ugliness that is most 49cc scooters that many consider to be their main mode of transport as of late. The clubman bars, the gas tank, the frame style and that distinct motor all point to a well thought out and articulated design. This is the perfect city bike and one which seems ready to be customized in many cool ways.

Tech Specs 
Engine Overhead valve 4-stroke engine displacing 49cc,
CARB and EURO 2 emission compliance,
up to 180 mpg depending on usage. EZ-Start® Recoil
GGB gearbox with centrifugal clutch and freewheel,
Freewheel allows pedals to remain stationary while driven via engine

70mm drum front brake, coaster style rear brake

Capacity Fuel Tank
1.8 US Gallon, 87 Octane

Engine Oil
26 US Quart

Dimensions Length: 70"
Width: 24" (Board Track Style Handlebars)
Seat Height: Varies by saddle and seatpost type
Wheel Diameter: 26"
Bar Height At Stem: 36"

Derringer Cycles window display
Derringer Cycles gas tank
Derringer Cycles Bespoke Collection
Derringer Cycles Bespoke Collection
Derringer Cycles Custom Commission
Derringer Cycles Custom Commission