Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Collectors Weekly - Search For Vintage and Antique

Collectors Weekly took us by complete surprise as another article got our attention and we happened to click on a link talking about collections. Well damn, low and behold we stumbled onto a goldmine of a site or a search quandary that will take up much more of your time. Entirely up to you, but our first searches started out with music as we perused some vintage vinyl, then we wandered over to posters and then we really got stuck. Yes, go ahead and do it, click on search "Motorcycles" and damn if you won't pull up some great info. Don't blame us for your new addiction, we are just posting what we find to be clever and interesting...

And a few of the great bikes we just found for sale, click on over to the site and then for each picture, it will take ya to the auction.


1970 Ducati 350 Mark 3 D AHRMA Racer

1955 BMW R50 With Original 1951 Steib Sidecar

1972 Triumph Triumph T120

1948 Sunbeam S7 S8 Restored Bike