Sunday, November 27, 2011

The "Well" Of Death From Jamshedpur, India

So ya got some skills and you want to test them out as you fear nothing. Death is breathing heavy over your shoulder with a recently sharpened scythe and still you ask someone to hold your beer as you surmise your plan of attack. With the courage of Kenny Powers, driving skill of Ricky Bobby and the will to succeed, hop on the next flight to India and prove that you can turn left with the best of'em. Let the sound track of Fu Manchu's, Hell On Wheels guide your way...

King of Cool, Kenny Powers

Sign up sheets to be a carnie in India are not needed, put your balls on the chopping block and just show up to see if you can hang. Go to about 1:50:00 or so into the video to watch the real gnarly begin.