Sunday, November 27, 2011

Metal Church With Jesse James Parts 1 and 2 - Sheet Metal Fabrication

Did yall happen to catch these shows posted on youtube a few years back by Jesse James called Metal-Church? Was able to find them after a bit of digging and they are definitely gems when it comes to understanding basic sheet metal fabrication and attempting to build your own gas tanks in particular. We have a load of sheet metal work coming up on the 1951 Chevy 3600 with not as many tools as we would like to have. In our mindset this means, a lot of research to see how those in the know do it with a variety of techniques or molds that could be made from wood to help pound out some basic shapes. 

For more info on basic metal fabrication dig into the multitude of youtube videos available. Or do the next best thing go seek out someone that knows their shit and learn a few new things. We are dealing with a lot of rust so we have been getting some solid advice from John over at K & J Antiques as he rebuilds vintage gas pumps and knows his way around sheet metal and painting. We will have some progress photos of the Chevy Shop Truck later this week.