Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hellbound Glory Review On Metal Rage

Here is a review we just found by Demon Dust over on out of the Netherlands. Needless to say we are damn proud to get a review over on a metal site and we can thank Hank 3 for opening that door. Best part is that metal heads are diggin' Real Country. Hellbound Glory don't have to infuse anything but their own swagger to be heard and that is what is making them get attention far and wide.

"Since a couple of years I’ve been facing a severe country addiction. Ever since Hank III started kicking up dust playing country as a punk/metalhead, outlaw country got a new face and started to appeal more and more to the longhaired headbanging crowd. Personally, I can’t get enough of this stuff. Here is one I never heard of before, Hellbound Glory, from Reno, NV with their new album Old Highs & New Lows. Good title.

This foursome portrays themselves as scumbag country, something that you can find in the lyrics for sure. It’s about getting drunk, fucking, taking drugs, fucking up, depression, partying, getting even more drunk and listening to Hank Williams. That’s good, I like those things. Lyrically this is a nice ride, with nice one-liners that I will start to quote as soon as I’ve really played this one too much like all the others. I just have some small things that I find a bit annoying. The main singing voice for instance, I don’t get the idea I’m dealing with a real inbreed redneck here. But who’s to tell, that guy might just punch my face in for saying that. Other than that I feel a bit the same with the music, they are more in the Americana-rock scene than true outlaw country. In the foursome there isn’t even a banjo, ukelele, mandolin, steel guitar or whatever player. They have some guest performances for that, but I kind of miss it.

The songs are well written though, and it still sounds sincere enough to have a good time while listening to it. The lyrics help a lot too. But still, when I would compare this to an act like Mountain Sprout or classics like Wayne Hancock or Hank III, I know what I prefer to put on."

 - Demon Dust, Metal Rage

Metal Rage album review of Hellbound Glory's - Old Highs & New Lows