Monday, November 21, 2011

Jay Berndt Is One Talented Mofo...

We have been fortunate enough to work an amazing amount of bands in a short period of time with Rusty Knuckles Music. A few albums in particular we continue to reference and listen to, as they have truly helped to pave the way for the label to grow and become something beyond what we initially started.

Jay Berndt is one of those rare individuals that has toured with Slayer, Motorhead and Ozzy, then goes right back into the studio to crank out personal work that is mind blowingly original. In many ways he can be easily equated to the likes of someone such as Mike Patton, who also knows no boundaries and vaults into any project he damn well wants to.

It is this artistic standpoint, which allows very few individuals to thrive, who walk to the beat of their own drum and still be respected for it. If you haven't checked out Jay Berndt, we know that you are truly missing out on one of the great ones. Just wait til' ya see what he has in store for 2012. You will be seeing his name in a far different way and a whole other approach from the two albums we have put out on Rusty Knuckles Music. 

Jay Berndt - Lonesome On'ry and Mean by RustyKnuckles
Jay Berndt - 67' Serenade by RustyKnuckles
Jay Berndt Sings Waylon For Jessica - CD and Digital Download
Jay Berndt - Sad Bastard Songs - CD and Digital Download