Thursday, November 3, 2011

Living The Life - The Infamous Photography of Doug Barber aka QBall

Life on two wheels just seems to be that much more fulfilling than sitting on the sidelines and talking about where our paths will take us. Ya gas up and go, its quite simple. People come and go in life and we have friends that are merely acquaintances, but the relationships we have with our machines and or those that have a similar mindset, form a bond that others can never understand. Events are planned around the next run or batch of trouble we can get into and those times are etched into the memories like a family photo.

These great times are consistently remembered by an individual such as Doug Barber or as we definitely prefer to go by, QBall. While looking at his book and photos in Living the Life, you can see folks living on the fringe and truly enjoying their time. Bikes and Hot Rods to all of us are a means of escape, not necessarily from a bank heist, but one in which are thoughts are allowed to run free and be passengers along the trip of a lifetime. While diggin' through his photos, that departure point is on every single page. This book is now forever sitting somewhere close by so we can look over and experience wander lust while grinding away through our daily workload. 

Qball is also taking things a step further for us, we asked him if he wouldn't mind contributing some photos and notes on the randomness that is life to post here on the blog and he obliged. Be on the lookout for more posts from him and in 2012 plan on all of us hittin' the road to numerous events or just idlin' up to a bar to shoot the shit.

In the words of QBall, "Long May You Ride."

Living the Life - The Photgraphy of Doug Barber, aka QBall