Saturday, November 26, 2011

Liberty Tool Company - Providing Sustainable Tools

Are you just a wee bit nuts for tools? Yep, we thought so. Hell, you might not be reading this or even perusing such a site as ours, for that matter, without enjoying a finely tuned instrument. Old tools or ones that have been used and lasted for many years have tales to tell and are generally a good indication, that their purpose is still being served. 

It is easy to go into a place such as Harbor Freight and pick up cheap tools and for many of us that might be our only option, which is totally fine. If we had the extra coin, that beautiful Mac Tool Truck would be pulling up to our shop weekly, but it has yet to come to fruition. We ask this though, why not seek out other places to find decent tools and reuse what is already in existence. Nothing against the major tool manufacturers and we value their presence. Used bins, flea markets and more importantly businesses such as Liberty Tool Company want to help the artisans and craftsmen in all of us with their continual rotating supply stash. There are a plethora of places to find used tools and if you are a bit handy, why not fix them up and keep them in good working order. Peep the video about Liberty Tool and help to keep small businesses viable. America and every country in the world has small independent businesses along with large corporations, but who can you actually call when you need help or advice on how to fix something? We are betting the small independent shops so help to support them and make friends. Never know who might just have the info you need to fix that random item.

So santa, we are happily waiting on a few items to arrive anytime you please. Doesn't have to be at the end of December, we are fine with all the other eleven months. Here is our short list in no certain order as we could use them for the Buell and Chevy 3600 builds:

• Bridgeport Milling Machine
• TIG welder
• Spot welder
• Deep well impact sockets, metric and standard
• sheet metal cutting shear
• Klein Phillips head screw driver with wire nut tool top (we didn't lose it chief, but we will make amends to keep the family squabble from getting out of hand!)

All images courtesy of the Liberty Tool Company

Set of 4 Antique Pliers: Kraeuter, Red Devil, OTC
Antique Tomahawk / Francisca Style Throwing Hatchet 13" Made In Italy
Vintage box wrenches
Vintage B.C. Ames Co. 1/1000" Dial Indicator
1876 Woodman's Patent Ornate Dial Indicator
L.S. Starrett No. 279 Machinist's Radius Gauge
Antique Goodell Pratt RPM Speed Indicator