Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Depth Of Speed - A Pinch Of Salt

We were fortunate enough to meet the film maker Josh Clason last Friday night down at Tim Bradham's Chassis Works for the last shop night of the year. With the Speed Kings playing their rowdy blend of punk rock and the beer flowing surely good times were had by all. Then after we were making our rounds about to leave we happened to roll over to the front desk computer and started to watch some videos with Jefe and were introduced to the film maker Josh. He was filming at the shop earlier in the day and we hadn't a clue who he was but were stoked to say hello and then learn of the great work he does on film. Dig into his short films as we are just starting to as well, so look for a plethora of more posts on his work. Below is a bit more depth on the film series "Depth of Speed" and more on Josh Clason the film maker. 

"Depth of Speed was born from a desire of story, travel and a love of anything automotive related. Next year my wife and I will be taking to the streets to uncover and document the greatest stories from the automotive world. From coast-to-coast and from top to bottom, finding the best stories will take the highest priority. Every time I meet someone new or attend an event I’m amazed at the depth, passion and love that the automotive world brings. Depth of Speed is just that – an in-depth look at these stories. There is something about motors and machines, that to an outsider looking in, would make us seem plain crazy. 

We have begun the process of outfitting our trusty Scamp trailer to traverse the entire country. Known affectionately as a fiberglass egg, our Scamp will be our home for one year of our lives. At only 13 feet long it will make for a cozy year."