Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Better In The Wind - Short Film

This film has been a long time in the making and damn if this isn't some sit back and have a drink kind of viewing. Dig in and watch some poetry in motion as this has plenty of soul to go around. Huge congrats to all involved, the filming is fantastic and Chuck Ragan's music fits the mood perfectly. 

"For the last two years I have been taking still photographs for a personal project entitled 'It's Better In The Wind,' all the while collecting video footage from each ride as we traveled around the Western United States together. I have been slowly editing the footage into a visual scrapbook of sorts for those who partook, and those who followed us via the web. No preaching the triumphs and failures of the motorcycle industry, no divisive commentary between manufacturers and styles...just a collection of imagery that will hopefully inspire more people to take to the road and discover what there is outside of our respective communities. Chuck Ragan was kind enough to collaborate with me to write an original soundtrack for the film, to give me some anthemic tunes to edit with, and I can't thank him enough for the kind gesture towards a fellow traveler. Please, enjoy the film, everybody who took part in it is family, we are all grateful for your support these past two years while we tried to build a concept around the positive nature of motorcycling." - Scott Toepfer 

Cameras Used: Canon 5dMkII, Minolta Super 8mm 

Edited With: Final Cut Express Film 

Processed by: Pro 8mm in Burbank, CA 

Music Written, Recorded, and Produced by: Chuck Ragan (