Monday, October 3, 2011

So Ya Wanna Be A Roadie...

Leave it up to Jesse, frontman from the Eagles of Death Metal to give a candid point of view about life on the road and who makes up a road crew. If you plan or want to know what it is like to eat three meals from truck stops and then have different drinks in different cities each night, well keep watching. In this multi part series from the fine folks over at Vice Magazine, you can get the inside scoop on the roles within a road crew and where ya just might fit in.

Many a famous roadie has gone on to being in a band. Take for example Toby from H20 who used to be on the road with Sick Of It All or you have Frank Bello who roadied for Anthrax and now plays bass or for the coup de gras, Lemmy actually roadied for Jimmy Hendrix. Just a few examples to get you warmed up on what it is possible if you can't actually play the music and be in a band, doesn't mean you can't be part of the show.

Great tools you will need for this job
• Leatherman combo of light and multi tool
• Surefire flashlight (makes nighttime daytime)
• Learn how to drink professionally, yes know yer limits and how to drink when needed
• Can fix anything on the fly
• Quick wit as you will live on 1 to 2 minute conversations
• Hotel fitness regiment or grassy knoll at a truckstop (amps are heavy, get prepped)
• Network like a mofo
• Realize everyone always knows everyone else, whether you do or not, keep yer trap shut

In Episode 1 of Marshall Headphones: On The Road Jesse goes to The Wiltern theatre in LA to meet legendary soundman Hutch as he works on a special performance by Queens of the Stone Age. He also talks to Josh Homme and Troy Van Leeuwen from the band about the band/roadie relationship and why Hutch is essentially a member of QOTSA.