Monday, October 17, 2011

Why Sound?

The world around us is enveloped with sounds, textures, vibrations and basically life going about its business all around us. If we were to drop dead would everything just stop? No way in hell as we are just a blip amongst all the energy constantly moving about.

Sound is very important to us in many forms. It could be that perfect rhythmic idle of our now recently sold cafe racer, the high speed roar of our twin cam motor begging for more throttle or one of the many bands we work with honing in on the perfect harmony to whip fans into a frenzy. When it comes to the sounds we push out to the world at large, we want the best. To hell with putting out mundane crap or things that just don't work. This is why anything involving us is always running and is well engineered. We take pride in perfecting our products and working with those individuals that push through to new boundaries.

If you have noticed the music player over on the right side of this here page, it is created in conjunction with They are an amazing resource for digital streaming music and we highly endorse using their service. Without their fantastic service we would not be able to track our label roster being played or make it so easy for fans to listen to new music within our site. Have a look at a video by soundcloud about sound. It's a contemporary look at what we know of and think about sound and how intrinsically we are intertwined. 

Go on over to the right side of this page and play some of those tracks and explore soundcloud