Friday, October 21, 2011

Sculptures From Welded Chain

Form and shape are all around but it is up to us to interpret what we see, to become something new. Call it the creative process or maybe just working through ideas. Whatever the case may be, the curious mind will continue to find new ways to interpret concepts. 

A contemporary sculptor from Korea, by the name of Yeong-Deok Seo has found a way to give subtle hints of humanity to what might be considered just masses of chain. Within the lines of the these sculptures exudes a quiet and subtle presence. Due to the notion of what we assume chains provide, the depictions are endowed with pure strength. Mixing those elements together to create sculpture that contains the human forms allows this work to go to another level of appreciation. 

Another element that we enjoy is the fact that these two forms of chain have vastly different functions. To be able to assemble those two styles of a purely functional tool, begs backyard wrenchers everywhere to stop and stare at how a chain can be used in a new way. 

Art can come in many facets and be made from anything, it just takes a creative and analytical mind, to see an everyday object in a new way. Indian Larry consistently spoke on how building a chopper was the ultimate art form as it portrayed design, sculpture, painting and most of all, usability. We couldn't agree more, just have a look at his famous "Chain of Mystery" bike at the bottom.

Indian Larry's - Chain of Mystery