Monday, October 24, 2011

Baker Function Formed Primary

Found this image on Facebook and was stoked to see what Baker Drivetrain continues have up their sleeve. If we had the cash or were in need of an improved primary, installing a Baker Function Formed would be one of the first things we do. Its American made and the lines on it are as clean as a whistle, exuding strength and confidence with solid reliability along with ease of access due to their intuitive engineering setup. 

Here was the original text with the image: 

"Shown here is a BAKER FFP Formed Function Primary for Softail models. I am running it complete with our King Kong Klutch and outer bearing support on my 145" hot street/drag bike. Lots of our customers add their own finishes and personal touches. I have blasted away the pristine polished finish and powdercoated in a more subdued satin black. Also added is a quick access engine nut cover for periodic leakdown tests and mid shift control made from billet aluminum and some swap meet Dyna Glide parts. We give you the canvas, but you can personalize it any way you want! Send us some pics if your BAKER equipped ride. We'd love to see em, out of the box, or off the hook!" 

If you want to read more on this great product check out the Baker Function Formed Primary page 

Baker Function Formed Primary which can also use a stock Harley Clutch
Baker Unique 1-piece jackshaft is stronger