Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The 10,000th Order At Dime City Cycles is 100% FREE!

Those crafty fellas over at Dime City Cycles are uppin' the ante on the way they appreciate their patrons. So go ahead and shoot for that number 10k order and maybe just maybe Christmas could be free for ya.

"That’s right guys and gals, you read the title right. Dime City Cycles is going to give away our 10,000th order to it’s lucky purchaser 100% completely FREE. We’ll even throw in the shipping! And did we mention there’s NO LIMIT to the dollar value, how RAD is that? And if you’re an International customer the SAME rules apply. So get those lists together and get those winter build parts ordered ASAP, you could be the lucky winner!

Just consider this a little thank you for all you guys have done to help us along way. After all, we wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for all of you; the garage builders, the speed freaks, and everyone else who’s a member of this cafe cult of speed, leather and rock and roll.

You’re probably wondering, “Well how close are you guys to 10,000 orders?” We can tell you that we estimate the 10,000 order to hit between now and Chrismachanukwanzika. We figure some extra moto parts (even if they’re from yourself) would make for one hell of a present unwrapping bonanza on that special morning!

The 10,000th order is FREE at Dime City. Because our customers rock and vintage speed machines roll."