Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fuel Magazine New Posters

Just got the email this morning from the folks over at Fuel Magazine about some cool new posters they have in stock. It is always amazing how something so simple as a poster can make a room. With great photography and killer rides, what is not to like. Our choice is definitely that sweet Panhead as that fairing on there is just plain stylish and we have been lusting over a new kicker ride. Maybe we just outta throw that hot kickstart setup from Ledsled Customs onto our Buell Streetfighter build.

More info from Fuel Magazine on the posters

"Our first run of posters is now available. There are two designs, each double sided and each measuring 700mm wide by 500mm tall.

It was a tough call choosing the images after three years of work, but we think the results show a good spectrum of some the best photos that we have printed in the magazine so far. 

Poster 01 has the Camilleri Coupe on one side, and Marc Bank's awesome Porsche 356 outlaw on the other, and poster 02 has Vic O'Niel's salt racer on one side and the MACHINE built '50 Panhead on the other.

Or if you can't decide, get the twin pack and save on shipping.

The posters are printed on the same paper stock as Fuel Magazine, so if you have a copy you get an idea of the look and feel of these. 

These are printed in a run of 250 units each, and won't be printed again so they are limited items. If we do more posters at a later date, they will be totally different."