Monday, October 31, 2011

Lamb of God Reveal New Album

A post over at caught our attention this morning and that being the one and only Lamb Of God's announcement of their new album. These guys bring the thunder like no other and their tight ensemble harkens back to the amazing shows once displayed by Pantera. Will be interested to see the growth in their sound or will they continue to tread similar waters. Metal doesn't like to be pigeon holed and many folks enjoy their mix of medleys to be consistent, but with a talent such as Lamb of God, would be stoked to see just how far they can push their boundaries and yet still remain on point.

"Pure American metallers Lamb Of God have announced their new album, including the tracklisting and the album art. Their sixth full lenth under the Lamb Of God moniker was produced by Josh Wilbur (who produced previous album 'Wrath') and will be released on January 24 via Roadrunner records. Entitled 'Resolution', the album consists of 14 tracks, and was described to Terrorizer by bass player John Campbell as their "smartest" album to date. "Every single time you read a band talking about having a new record come out, of course they're going to say it's the greatest thing they've ever done," says John. "But I think our body of work, if you look at it from 'Burn The Priest' on, every record is truly a progression. I think we've got a lot better at what we do, and I feel this record falls right into line with that. We've really topped ourselves, it's making some new waves, and it's my favourite and the best sounding record that we have to date." And while he describes the album as being sonically closest to 'Wrath' out of all their records, there are some new tricks in the bag.

"There's one song on there that has some string arrangements and there's another vocalist involved in a song – not a guest appearance, we don't have Glen Danzig showing up on our record – but one song has a string arrangement and operatic vocals." Given how brilliant 'Wrath' was, we're beyond excited for this new record. January 24 cannot come soon enough."He says: in the bag. He says:

The tracklisting for 'Resolution' is as follows: 
1. Straight for the Sun 
2. Desolation 
3. Ghost Walking 
4. Guilty 
5. The Undertow 
6. The Number Six 
7. Barbarosa 
8. Invictus 
9. Cheated 
10. Insurrection 
11. Terminally Unique 
12. To The End 
13. Visitation 
14. King Me