Monday, October 31, 2011

Reno Divorce - New Album, Become A Part Of The Recording With Kickstarter

Our pals over in the killer Denver punk outfit Reno Divorce are looking for your help. Kickstarter has proven to be a great place to help secure crowd sourced funding and they need a few bucks from each fan to make this happen. Recording is not cheap, nor is putting albums into production. For all of that you enjoy and believe in the music, it would be great of ya to send over a few bucks instead of just streaming it all for free. We are all guilty of this as we peruse for new music, so lets help to do our part and invest in whats going to be an amazing album.

About this project

"We are a punk/ rock and roll band based in Denver, CO. This year marks our ten year anniversary, and we want to commemorate it by releasing our best record to date. After years of touring the U.S. and Europe, and sharing the stage with practically all of our heros and influences, we’ve met some incredible people and made some of the most loyal fans in the world. Which brings us here to Kickstarter. Being an independent band is a double edged sword, but its rewards certainly outweigh the risk. Being in control of our artistic vision and not compromising our “image” or “sound” has always been a source of pride for us, but unfortunately, our pockets aren’t as deep as a major label’s. So thats why we are turning to you, our fans. You are the ones responsible for us going as long as we have and the reason we’ve kept our ideals intact. Your support over the years has enabled us to record our own records and retain the rights to our music and merchandise, which is a luxury we have never taken for granted and its your tenacity and fervor that have fueled us to keep recording and touring. You have really played a huge part in our journey so thank you for all you've done and please, if you can, support us with our latest project. We wouldn't ask if we didn't believe in it ourselves and we are confident that you’ll find this record to be the best one yet! We are also extremely excited that we will be able to give back to people who help contribute with Kickstater’s rewards. Until we meet again, peace and hair grease"
More info on Reno Divorce 

With equal parts Orange County punk, honky tonk country, and rockabilly sensibilities, Reno Divorce strikes a unique chord of their own in a diluted genre of what passes as “Punk rock’n’roll”. Throw in well-crafted and deftly executed songs that straddle the line between Smithereens and and Social Distortion, and you’ve got a band that truly stands out amongst the herd. Oh, and there’s one more thing....this aint the boys’ first rodeo...they’ve played with almost all their punk hereos (ALL, Social D, TSOL, Adolescents, Agent Orange, Shattered Faith, X, The Blasters, Motorhead), and shared a tour bus with more contemporary heavy hitters, ala U.S. Bombs, The Bones, and Street Dogs. They’ve worked with the cream of the crop behind the scenes, as well. Their last record, “Tears Before Breakfast” was produced by Jason Livermore at the world famous Blasting Room and the support tours for that album were handled by M.A.D. Booking in Europe, where among other great festivals, they graced the Saturday Night Fever Stage at With FUll Force. Always captivating live, and wrought with more hooks than your uncle Bob’s tackle box, Reno Divorce has carved out a reputation as the real deal, a true “musician’s band” that pushes the envelope with every release, without sounding contrived or formulated. Brent Loveday’s deft songwriting and clever storytelling are brought to life by the band's flawless execution of no frills punk rock and roll. With Brent on lead guitar and vocals, Tim Jadowski on bass, Tye Battistella on Rhythm guitar, and Ruben Patino on the 1,2,3,4's, the band fires on all cylinders. Reno Divorce has earned honors in Kerrang, Metal Hammer, Loud Fast Rules, and (more importantly to the band) the respect of their peers. 

Reno Divorce at Rusty Knuckles Music Showcase - SXSW 2011, photo by Jonathan McPhail