Monday, October 31, 2011

Wrench Works 1977 Shovelhead

Josh over at Wrench Works recently completed his killer 1977 Shovelhead project. After a crazy roll out to the midwest in a massive snowstorm last winter he picked up his donor project and made it back in one piece and slowly started to dismantle and revamp the bike you see here. His goal was to have a reliable daily rider and one that could still turn heads as a shop bike. We think he did it up just right as she fires up on one kick. Also, this build shows what should matter most of all, reliability, ride comfort and not a trailer queen. The way he tears around on this sweet shovel, we sure as hell know it exemplifies these notions.

All images © Rusty Knuckles, view more over on Rusty Knuckles Flickr page

Josh of Wrench Works