Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Youtube Advertising - Get In The Know

Thanks to the fine folks over at Mashable.com and their graphics wizardry here is a cool infographic to help better understand the rise of Youtube advertising. If you are sick to death of those Vevo ads or whoever is paying more money next, this should help to quell your questions on why those ads are there. Did you know that Coca-Cola spends roughly one third of all its profit on advertising?

Yes folks, life is about the bottom line or in all cases money. Those who don't have it, want it. Those who have plenty of it, always want more of it. Then there are many of us, who just see it as a means to an end and work our asses off to get by and don't stress over it too much as all we know is work. Money makes people do crazy things such as commit suicide, rob banks, sell some leg or even sell crack. Needless to say all the above can actually be seen on youtube and it has become a window into the conscious of the world we live within. 

Flip the channel and change up the mood for whatever slice of life you are into. No matter what though, some one is making money off of you watching each video. Get active in life and go make shit happen, the world is just waiting to watch it and others are waiting to make money on it.