Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Motorcycle Sidecar - One Day You Will Be Ours

Life is about trends and circular movements as everything tends to come back around. For example, we have seen the 100k chops to the now en vogue workin' mans chop which tends to be a japanese motor mixed with whatever spare parts or a Sporty power plant. Just a few years ago the period correct madness whipped through every aspect of motorcycle culture, that now it makes us want to puke as it has been so over done and over cooked. But that is the nature of trends, they burn themselves out as they are over hyped compared to truly being something unique.

One build type that we are always stoked to see are sidecars. Not that sidecars are necessarily the most fun to ride but we dig how much each builder and or rider puts into the bike being an object of their own creation, rather than just a bolt on build. If you ever want to see something really gnarly, check out the side hack racing. One day our nefarious plans will come together and we will build a sidecar, but for now, we are still thinkin' on ideas to build up to our chariot.