Monday, October 10, 2011

Ocho Loco Press and Rusty Knuckles Team Up

Life is amazing when things come together easily. Every year during SXSW we go down to the poster show and see what new poster works are out, but primarily we go to see one of our biker brethren over at Ocho Loco Press. John is there every year and without fail, his work stands out amongst all the other printers and designers. 

We could go on and on about why we dig the work of Ocho Loco Press but what we enjoy most is the simplicity in the designs and that they are all done by hand. Yes, you heard it right, they are all done by hand. John hand cuts the rubylith and creates the positive images for printing then prints the images on wood. It is this steadfast craftsmanship and focus on quality design that we are damn proud to be working with him on several new projects. 

For this fall will have a few new products available through us exclusively from Ocho Loco Press, so have a look at the first image being worked up. This will be printed on wood as a poster and calendar while also being available on garments as well. Stay tuned for more updates on this killer new project and a few other shirt designs coming from Ocho Loco Press.