Saturday, October 29, 2011

So Ya Wanna Be A Roadie - Part 6 by

Check it, once again Boots Electric waxes poetic on the greatness, that they call home in the Yucca Valley of California. After watching this, do yourself a favor and dig into the Desert Sessions recordings. This can help to immerse that cerebral cotrext of yours into the soundscape of the desert heat and cool nights that envelop some of the music coming from this oasis.

"It’s Episode 6 of Marshall Headphones: On The Road, and the next stop is Rancho de la Luna, the spiritual home of the desert rock scene. Rancho is a recording studio where the likes of Arctic Monkeys, UNKLE and PJ Harvey have come to try to recreate the spirit of the original desert bands. After a jam session with his fellow Eagles of Death Metal man, Dave Catchings, and his girlfriend, acclaimed adult film star Tuesday Cross, Jesse persuades them to play a live show at a party in the desert."

While thinking on another desert oasis, I remembered of a spot always dreamed of skating but never got the chance to and now its gone for good. Oh Nude Bowl, always wanted to ride your smooth walls in the desert night with Kyuss jammin' in the background...