Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Qball Photos - Living The Life - Dixie Welcome

“Dixie Welcome” circa 197? from “Living The Life”, biker photography book

It is one thing to get pulled over for something you know you did wrong. It is another thing to get pulled over for nothing at all. If that wasn’t bad enough, to be pulled over and detained while the man checks your papers three times in a row, that does it. It was all I could stand. Despite the objections of my club brothers, and the obvious police threat, I pulled out my camera and started to take photos. I got about three shots off when the sheriff and deputy stopped me in my tracks. After a failed attempt to discuss Constitutions Rights with the sheriff, “boy, let me tell you about rights”, I put away my camera. Later down the road I received some schooling “thumping” from the club on dealing with like situations. After which cold beer, war stories, and brotherhood prevailed. Long and short of it, I got my shot, and here it is.

Long May You Ride,

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QBall aka Doug Barber Photography circa 197?