Friday, November 18, 2011

Classified Moto Creates Amazing Lamps From Motorcycle Parts

Recycled goods, found objects and using what is readily available is a mantra we live by. It's not that we don't value new items but we dig finding new and creative ways to save moohlah and making something old new again. The fine folks over at Classified Moto up in Richmond, VA have taken it a step further and are creating cool lamps out of motorcycle parts left for the scrap yard. We dig the industrial and utilitarian look and knowing they come from folks cut from a similar cloth. Great choice in music by the way, we dig Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's sound.

Classified Moto: A lamp in the next life. from MONDIAL on Vimeo.

Classified Moto XV 920 Custom Motorcycle
Classified Moto custom lamp from Brake Rotor, Shock and Gear