Friday, November 25, 2011

Living The Life - QBall Photos - Santa's Helpers

“Santa’s Helpers” circa 199? from “Living The Life”, biker photography book.

Tis the Season to be? This time of the year brings out the best and worst in folks. Point in fact is Toy Runs. Here in our neck of the boon docks one local club blocks the main thorough fair to collect toys and money for local children in need. Some years it’s freezing cold and wet, while other times it can be quite balmy like this photo where the Club’s defense lawyer was dressed as Santa in flip flops.

Those trapped in this traffic ambush reacted in curios ways. The town’s newbie’s and uninitiated driving high dollar cages would roll their windows up tight. They wore faces of disgust and fright, dialed 911 on cell phones, and wondered if they could escape unharmed. The long time locals where prepared and looking forward to help. Some drove up in old ratty pickup trucks loaded with toys. Others dug deep into their worn out jeans and gave all they could. Friends would stop in the middle of the street to talk creating an opportunity for cub members to smile and offer candy canes to fearful cagers impatiently blowing their horns. Ya gotta love the holiday spirit.

Long May You Ride,

QBall's photograph of "Santa's Helpers" - Living The Life